Frequently Asked Questions

You can find our clients’ most frequent questions below.

We hope that you can find the answer to your questions and we can help you in this way.

If you have any other question do not hesitate to contact us. The list broaden with the questions that we receive from you and seems to be useful for others.

What should I do upon visiting the club for the first time?

All of our clients has to sign up and create an own personal account. You can make it on our website (click on Registration on the up right corner) or in our club either.

You can enter to the club if your account is ready. Entering is only possible in case of having Life magnetic card. On your first visit, in addition to the ticket or pass you purchased, we will provide you a personalized magnetic card with your photo that only you can use.

If you have already had an account, you don't need to sign up again, you can use it in all clubs.

You can check about the data protection in the Data Protection Regulation.

Do I have to leave the card at the reception when I leave the club?

Your card will be personalized having your name and photo on it. The photo is taken at the reception. You can enter into the club having your own magnetic card and your daily or monthly ticket.
You don’t have to leave your card in the club upon leaving, as you will use it when you return.
If you leave your card at home, upcharge will have to be paid. If you lose your card, you will have to buy a new one.

For what can I use the magnetic card inside the club?

With using your card
- you can enter into the club
- inside the club you can enter to the wellness section and to group classes if you have valid ticket for using these services
- you open and close your locker
- you can use and handle the solarium

- if you would like to buy anything in the club (f.e. beverages, extra services) we can charge your card if your house account is positive. You can deposit at the lobby.

Can I use the same card with somebody else?

No. The magnetic card is personalized and can be used only by its owner. You cannot give or lend it to anybody else.
You can learn more about the magnetic card in the Policy of the Club.

Do I have to queue before entering to the club?

If you buy daily ticket, you have to.
If you have a membership (5 or 10 occasions, monthly or annual) you can enter to club touching your card on the gates. If you buy anything in the club ((for example beverages or using solarium) You can pay the amount upon leaving. Attention! If your balance is negative, the gate won’t open automatically.

Can I use any of the lockers in the changing rooms?

You can use any of the open lockers. After changing clothes you can close the locker with the magnetic card. It is very important to touch the card to that locker that you used. If you need any help please contact our staff.
Please always check that your locker is open after leaving, cause if it is closed that gate won’t allow you to go out.

What should I do if I forget which locker I used?

You can check the locker’s number touching your card to the terminals found at several points in the club. If you have any problem please contact our staff.

What should I do if I lost something?

Please take care of your belongings. We do not take any responsibility for the objects left in the club, neither in the lockers and safety lockers.
If you lost something please contact our staff at the reception.
If you find any personal belonging that seems to be lost in the club, please pass it to the receptionists – certainly our staff does the same.

I’m interested in personal training. What should I do?

You can check our personal trainers on our website – choose the most sympathetic trainer who you think can help you the most in reaching your personal fitness goals and contact her or him for fixing the first workout.
You can book an appointment online in your MYLIFE1 account. Please check the Personal Training Booking Regulation for more details.
If you would like to have a training in the club, please ask our staff if there is any free personal trainer there in that time.
Please always arrive in time for the personal meetings; if you are late the trainer might not be able to work with you because of her/his schedule.
The personal training has to be paid above the daily or monthly tickets.

Do I have to sign up for massage in advance?

We suggest booking the massage in advance. You can book online, by phone or in the club. You can check our masseurs and massages on the website.
If you have any unique requirement please ask our staff’s help at the reception – the masseurs work in different hours.
The massage is available for everybody, membership or daily ticket are not required.
Please always arrive in time for the appointments; if you are late the masseur might not be able to serve you because of her/his schedule.
If you didn’t book and would ilke to have a massage in the club, please ask our staff if there is any free masseur there in that time.

Can I go for beauty services without having a membership or daily ticket?

Yes! Please check our beauty services on the website and contact our beauty team by the contact details given there.

Is the timetable the same in each week or does it change?

We are doing our best to prepare the same or almost the same timetable for ensuring the possibility of the regular work-outs. Certainly some changes and replacements can happen that is why we ask you to check the timetable on the website and in the club regularly.
We check the popularity of each class for scheduling the most popular ones to the most visited periods of the day. Periodically we correct and change the timetable based on the statistics and our clients’ opinion.

How can I sign up for a class?

You can sign up for a class online after logging in to your personal account on our website. You need successful registration for signing up.
Please find the detailed information in the Class Booking Regulation.

Can I sign up for a class upon my first visit?

Yes you can sign up on our website according to the Lesson Booking Regulation.
If you don't sign up in advance you can join to a class if there is free place.

Can I use the garage?

The garage can be used by the clients having all in membership (except start all in membership) till it’s capacity. Please leave the garage in 15 minutes after leaving the club.

How hot is the water in the swimming pool?

25-27 degrees Celsius – it is comfortable for swimming and for aquafitness either.

Do you have discount for students?

We do not have regular student discount.
Discounted prices are available for the students of Semmelweis University, Corvinus University, ELTE, BGE, Óbuda University and Pázmány Péter Catholic University.

What if I do not have towel with me?

You can rent a towel at the reception, you can check the rent price in our price list. Please drop into the basket next the exit upon leaving the club.

Do you have gift card?

Sure we do. You can buy a gift card of all of our services. Please check the details at the reception.

Can I ask invoice?

Sure! Please inform our staff that you would like to receive an invoice before shopping. Invoice cannot be billing after leaving the cashiers, sorry.

Can I pay with Széchenyi Card?

Yes, you can pay with OTP, MKB and K&H Szép cards, using the leisure account.