Modern cardio, exercise machines and gym equipment

Our   gym is equipped with the latest Frevola running and Star Trak cardio machines, all together 48 pcs. The modern cardio machines provide interactive entertainment including television, internet and games.

You can take advantage of the latest exercise machines, gym equipment and dumbbells at Life1 so you can shed those extra pounds, build muscle or increase your stamina. We have more than 80 machines waiting for you.


Cardio Floor

Why are the cardiovascular workouts are really popular?
  • one of the most effective training is you intend to loose weight
  • besides strengthening the heart and the lung, they decrease the blood pressure and the cholesterol
  • they energize and reduce stress

The other advantage of cardiovascular trainings that you can practice them in front of TV screens – the most popular cardio machines (treadmills, elliptical machines and bicycles) are equipped with TV screens providing interactive entertainment possibilities.

Our Star Trak casio machines provide different workout programs like weight loss, dynamic program, warm-up etc. The machine checks your age and weight and create a nice workout for you. If you train regularly you can check your performance, the burnt calories or the  completed distances – you can  follow up the development of performance and endurance day by day.




Our club is equipped with modern machines and dumbbells as well. Whether you are looking for chest press or leg extension, come and visit us!

Upon selecting the exact machines to our clubs, our goal was offering a wide range of machines that are convenient both for the beginners and the skilful guests. The machine park mainly consist of the machines of the American brand, Star Trak supplemented with some other popular brands. All of the Star Trak machines have a holographic help on them to assist you to find the right workout.

Strengthening is not only for men, it is for everybody! The advantages of the strengthening exercises are: increase the strength of the muscles, the bones and the performance; shape the body and help burning calories and losing weight.