Personal training

Doing a workout with a personal trainer is safer, quicker and much more amusing than alone.

1/1 personal training
Duo training
Small group training programs

All of us has a goal when we decide to go to a fitness club. It is the personal trainer who helps and support you in reaching your personal fitness goals.

Doing a workout with a personal trainer is safer, quicker and much more amusing than alone. It sounds simple that a personal trainer helps you with motivation, advises and encouragement, but this support really gives impetus to you during your workouts.

They do not only help you upon the trainings, but contribute in reaching your fitness goals as soon as possible.

Each person has different condition and requirements. Our qualified trainers prepare your personal training plan based on your physical condition and your goals (whether they are muscle strengthening, weight loss, rehabilitation or just getting into shape after having a baby) and will adjust it to your actual condition and level of development as time passes. The trainers not only control your workouts but can influence your whole life: they give you suggestions regarding the healthy eating, advise what they think you should change in your lifestyle.


Depending on your personality and your goals, you can choose from individual, dual or small group personal trainings:

1/1, individual personal training

First, a qualified trainer will consult you to get to know your health status, your past injuries, your training history and your specific goals. Here you can learn how to achieve fitness goals.

All these are just for you because you are a guest of our club, without any obligations. Book an appointment for free consultation by clicking the button below.

For the second time, you will go through a complete condition testing. A functional movement screen gives you an insight into the risks inherent in your movement.  We analyze your posture and perform a full body analysis with Tanita to give you an objective picture of your body's current body fat percentage, muscle mass, water balance, daily calories, and metabolism.

Next time, you can start your own fitness program, which will get you closer to your fitness goals from workout to workout. Everyone has specific goals and a certain body. Customized results require a personalized program.


Dual personal training

If you want a personalized workout program and you like to work with other people on your way to pursuing your goals, or if you're looking for a coaching partner with whom you can motivate each other. Your training will be more energetic, you will find challenges and feel good.


Small group workout (up to 3 people)

A generial training program where we take your individual competences and goals into account. It improves your exercise, burns calories, changes your body composition and, last but not least, is a great team member.



Life1 is proud to work with only highly qualified trainees who consider their mission to help each guest in accordance with their individual needs.


Our training philosophy:

1.    Our training programs are designed in terms of health which is prioritized during the planning process.
2.    We help our guests to feel better in their everyday lives and achieve their fitness goals.
3.    You join to an energetic and lively community.  The common experiences and the cheerful team give positive energy for everyday life.
4.    We believe that quality movement is lifelong sustainable and never too late to start.
5.    Our goal is impacting on other areas of life through the education process of training, motivating you to achieve your goals and to complete your life.


Get to know our personal trainers, book an appointment and get the training sessions started together! Making an appointment for personal training is possible by email or by telephone directly with the trainers.

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