Back to the gym – that is, how to begin training again?

After the end of year rush of December, the Christmas feasts, the New Year celebration, most people wanting to sport will return – or starts to attend again due to his/her new year resolution – to the gym, since they know: “The summer dream shape is built in winter!”. The return, however, is not so simple as it sounds at first, thus at the Life1 Fitness we  put our heads together and brought some useful tips which are worth taking before going for it.

The most important rule is not to dive headlong into deep water since this may entail risks. We may not be able to do the exercises so effectively and intensively and thus we may immediately lose the motivation for later trainings. What is even more worth paying attention to is the not tought-over training program may lead to injuries which are easily avoidable with a more relaxed and gradual load.

If our omission covers not just a few weeks, then for the first few times we should choose a training plan exercising the whole body, then shift gradually to the programs of multiple sessions per week, divided to muscle groups. Trust ourselves and our muscle memory and seek to do our best along with the principle of graduality!

Basically, the movement is a great recharging opportunity not only for our physique and health but also for our spirit. We know that every path starts bumpy in the beginning but if we take the advice and our motivation holds, the desired dream shape and the body and soul equilibrium is taken for granted!

The entire team of our Life1 Fitness clubs is ready to make the most of your dreams and you in this year, too! Let’s do this together!