The members of our team are proud to work in a sector whose aim is to create and support a healthy, fit and happy community.

If you are also enthusiastic about the various forms of motion, the fitness and healthy lifestyle, your place is among us!

What’s important for us:
  • we expect friendly professionals,
  • who can pay maximum attention to our visitors, understand their goals and help every visitor according to their respective needs,
  • find joy in helping others, support our visitors in their development,
  • team players,
  • have good vibes, are optimistic and have a smile for everyone,
  • attentive, learning, development and self-development is important for them: willing to share their knowledge with others, and are open for advice, recommendations at the same time,
  • open, establish relationships easily and take good care for the existing ones.


Our open positions are available only in Hungarian language.