Frequently Asked Questions

My membership and profile

You can use the services of Life1 Fitness clubs if you have a personal on-line account which can be created by clicking on the link below. If you cannot create the profile, we personally help you in our clubs to create your account!
After signing in to your account, you can see your actual balance, the expiration of your season ticket and you can update your personal information.

You have to sign up only once, your registration will be valid in all Life1 Fitness Clubs. Upon registration please mark the club you usually visit.

Please take extra care when you book online, don’t forget to check if you book to the right club.

If you forget your password, please click on the button “Forgot password? ” in the top right corner. We will send you a mail including a link. Please click on this link and change your password.

Your email address is needed to be able to contact you and be able to ensure continuous information about the happenings in your online account (for example reservation confirmation, cancellation notifications, appointment booking confirmation etc)

Your email address won’t be transmitted to third party. For more information please check our Data Management Information and Data Protection Regulation on our website (Privacy Policy).

Guests deciding against receiving information in e-mails have to take note that the operator of Life1 Fitness Clubs, Fitness Vision Hungary Ltd cannot assume any responsibility for any inconveniencies or losses due to lack of forwarding information on the events initiated by guests through the online interfaces. In this case guests may only look at their bookings for group lessons and the transactions made by them in their personal accounts created on the online interface of Life1-Gilda Max Clubs or may require information from the personnel of Life1-Gilda Max Clubs.

We intend to inform you about other important information like news&events, promotions, opening hours on bank holidays etc. This information is sent by newsletter onto which you can sign up optionally.

If you have created your online account, please click on the tabs for checking the bookable services at the top. If you select the class you like, just click on the Book buttons and your registration is ready.

Please check the rules in the Lesson Booking Regulation. The Regulations can be different in case of each club.

When signed in, you can see your reservation.
If you cannot reserve, please try it on the page

You are able to cancel your booking 60 minutes before the class starts

Write to címre! We reply within 2-3 business days at average.

Online shopping

You can purchase certain season tickets on-line on the following link.

It is possible with credit card, bank transfer is unfortunately not possible. SZÉP card can only be used at the reception of our clubs.

We will send you a receipt in email, via system as soon as possible.

No, on our website we only offer services only to private persons.

We’ll send you an official invoice for a private person – connected to NAV (National Tax and Customs Administration) – but we can’t provide an invoice for a company, with a tax number online.

If you are an executive or an HR member of a company and would like to provide online workout possibilities for more than 10 people, please contact us at

Write to címre! We reply within 2-3 business days at average.


The fitness network currently operates 6 clubs on the most frequent points of Budapest.

Life1 Fitness Allee, Corvin, Etele, Nyugati, Springday and Flórián.

Our available services are listed on the bottom of the home page. The group session and personal training service is listed in the main menu, there you can read more about them. The availability of our services is detailed in the description of the service.

The price list is available from the main menu of our web page.

Yes, in the Timetable, click on the name of the group class or the trainer and in the pop-up window you will find a short introduction.If you would like to check more info please return to our website.

Yes! Please contact our professionals using the contact information available in the Services part of our web page and arrange an appointment!

We recommend reserving a slot either on-line or via phone or in person. The profile of our masseurs and the massage types can be found on our web page. If you have a specific request, ask at the reception when reserving – our masseurs work in different times. The massage can be used also by outside guests (who do not use the fitness/wellness services at the given occasion).
Please arrive on time for the booked slot not to make the subsequent visitor wait.
If you would like a massage now, please consult our colleagues at the reception whether there is masseur available.

Write to címre! We reply within 2-3 business days at average.

New guests

You can register right now

The services of the Life1 Fitness clubs can only be used if your registration is successful.

All our visitors have to register on our website or if it is not accessible, the registration form available at the reception is to be filled on which the requested information is provided. The on-line registration is also possible in the club using the provided tablets/computers.

You can enter the area of the clubs only with magnetic card. Upon your first visit we provide you, in addition to your purchased pass or season ticket, with a personal magnetic card which only you can use.

Details on the protection of your personal data are available under the Data Protection menu entry.

Under your profile you can view your current balance, usability of your season ticket or, in case of signing up for a group session, your bookings.

Yes, if purchasing a pass.

Our visitors with a valid season ticket are free to use the turnstile within the validity period of the season ticket upon entering and exiting (provided that there is no consumption debited on the card).

If you used the solarium or consumed in the canteen and there was no sufficient credit on the Life1 balance, then you’ll have to settle your debt at the reception before leaving, otherwise the turnstile won’t let you out.

With the card

– you can enter the area of the club through the turnstile
– for your convenience you can pay for products and services purchased if you had topped up your Life1 balance at the reception.
– you can participate our group sessions; touch it to the terminal at the group session room, you can enter upon green (accepted) signal.

You needn’t return the card when leaving because you can use it to return to our club later. The card can be used in every Life1-Gilda Max Fitness club.

The choice of lockers is free, any open locker can be used. The lockers are locked using padlock (except Life1 Fitness Corvin, Springday*). To lock the locker, every visitor use his/her own padlock, ensuring to avoid abuses.

A padlock with a maximum shackle thickness of 6 mm can be used to lock our lockers! In our club padlocks can be rented or purchased, the prices are included in the actual price list.

*In our Life1 Fitness Corvin and Springday club the lockers are operated using magnetic card/watch.

No. Please leave your lockers open and empty upon leaving, return the rented lockers at the reception!

The lockers will be opened and emptied every evening: items found in them can be reclaimed at the reception for 1 week. We will not take responsibility for any items left in the lockers.

Lockers can be rented in some of our clubs to make your visit more comfortable.

Please take extra care for your valuables! We take no responsibility for any items left in the area of the club in the lockers, deposit boxes.

If you have lost or forgotten something, please inquire at the reception!

All our visitors are kindly asked that upon finding any personal items, leave it at the reception! Of course, our team proceeds the same way.

Write to címre! We reply within 2-3 business days at average.