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How will the weight loss, body shaping, strengthening be successful? You’ll learn this from our­5-part series!

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Many say many things but to lose weight permanently you have to move. What types of movements should you try if you want to lose some kilograms and want to maintain your weight?


Exercise as you might, yet cannot gain as much muscle as you want?
Building muscle has a course of its own: learn now how to do it efficiently!


What makes you feel great at us?

Life1 Fitness clubs: modern machine pool, professional trainers at well accessible locations, both for individual and group training. The super community is just the addition!

Group class

Feel like training in community?

You can choose among 40+ group sessions at the Life1 Fitness clubs!
Body & Mind, functional trainings, conditioning and choreographed sessions and martial arts welcome you..



Attention you deserve: detailed status assessment, training plan tailored to you and everyday motivation adapted to you!
The most efficient assistance if you want to reach your fitness goals.

Further services



Overcome your fear and face the unknown: get familiar with the secret world of the gyms and fitness clubs!
See the machines within reach and learn how to use them!
FREE tour on location – are you in?

What you are saying about us

Gábor Sebők

“I love it! Bright, clean, the machines are in very good condition. Everything is professional, including the customer service. The trainers wear uniform and are dealing with the work only (I have not seen any phone browsing). Excellent also in value for money. And there is Kaat-su !”

Simon Borbala

“It is on a well accessible location, the gyms, cloakrooms are clean, the personnel is helpful and kind, the trainers are accurate and well qualified professionally. I love to come here.”

Krisztian Nagy

“According to my experiences it is the most fitting gym for me, the atmosphere is pleasant, the machines are good and there is stretching cage and the music is not too loud which can be especially disturbing for me.”

Szilvia Szlovák

“The temperature is perfect, the outlook is good, the machines work very well. The group sessions are enjoyable and it is very inspiring to look at everyone training around me. It’s a pity that I hadn’t come earlier!”


The Life1 Fitness was established to help as many people as possible to prevent health problems resulting from sedentary lifestyle with bodily exercise, to reduce stress and to achieve aesthetic appearance.

We would like to offer support in reducing overweight, increasing muscle mass and in mitigating the health deterioration effects of the sedentary work.

Our goal is that every person doing sedentary work do at least 3×1 hours of exercise optimal for him/her every week.

We build a fitness community out of people with similar interest and value with our professional trainer team; we boost their motivation with more than 40 types of group sessions and personal trainings.

We run spacious and modern fitness clubs where our guest can experience the joy of motion in a friendly, accepting and safe environment. Our clubs are located in the busiest junctions of the inner city of Budapest, between which several of our season tickets provide passability.


For beginners and re-beginners: what you should know about the gym

How should you or is it recommended to behave in the gym? What you need and don’t need at the fitness club? How do you choose your sports outfit? In general: how to be tuned bodily and mentally to the training and the fitness club? Questions and answers which all beginners and re-beginners shall familiarize […]

Individual training, group sessions or personal training: which to choose and when?

The abundance may confuse anyone: what is the difference between the individual training, group sessions and the personal training? Which one is recommended and when? What are the advantages and disadvantages which are good to know? You find all the answers to your questions in this article.

How to set realistic goals during muscle building?

In the recent 5-10 years the muscle building and body building have become quite trending in the fitness clubs and within those attending gyms. A developed male and female body adds a lot to your self-confidence, self-security, adds a lot to your attractiveness. Stay with us and learn the secrets of muscle building!




We share useful blog articles and video contents aiming at weight loss, body shaping, strengthening, rehabilitation and muscle building, and special offers in our newsletter for that you be sure to achieve your goal.

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A mind and body-charging stress relief, guaranteed to make you sweat.

Stress relief recharging body and soul, guaranteed to make you sweat.
You can enjoy the beneficial effects of the hot air: not only boosts your immune system but helps to get rid of the toxic substances. (Those having cardiac diseases shall consult their physician!)

The service is available at our Etele, Corvin, Nyugati and Gilda clubs.

Swimming pool

Would you have a splash all year round? No problem!

Swimming is not only a great stress relief but you can strengthen your muscles efficiently with it while it has a great effect on your joints. Also does good to your circulation and immune system. At our swimming sessions, you can also experience these benefits.
The service is available in our Corvin club for an additional fee.


One of the most pleasant cooldown after an intense training. But it is an excellent program to spend your self-time.

The massage helps to invigorate the circulation in the muscles, thus you can say goodbye not only to the painful consequences of overtraining but muscle strains may regenerate more quickly.

The service is available at our Corvin and Gilda clubs.

Corvin contact information and price list is available on the following link

Gilda contact information is available on the following link


Do you also feel the detrimental effects of the sedentary work?
Or recovering from an accident?

The exercise therapy is one of the most efficient antidote for spinal problems and musculoskeletal complaints. You won’t be left alone in the hands of our experts. We assist you in the recovery.

The service is available in our Gilda club.

Gilda contact information and price list is available on the following link.

Protein Bar

Recharge the depleted storages after an intense training – head to the Protein Bar!

Replenish the protein right after training and enjoy all its benefits! Delicious, healthy delicacies await, but be warned: the offer is ample and diverse!