Personal training


The results come much faster during personal training, moreover, the joint trainings will be more entertaining, moreover, more safe.

An experienced personal trainer will be your efficient partner in weight loss, muscle building, body shaping and improving physical stamina.

The attention you deserve: personalized training plan and everyday motivation tailored to you, and moreover the most efficient assistance if you want to reach your fitness goals.


Would you like to make your training more efficient and safe?
Then it is the personal training you need.

At the first session you'll receive: condition assessment = body composition measurement (Tanita) + movement pattern screening (FMS) + consultation.

LIMITED OFFER: now only 9 999 Ft instead of12 000 Ft!

Take the first step today!


One of the greatest advantages of the personal training is that a part of it is a thorough condition assessment during which we also determine what types of movement you can do and what not.

We compile an individual development plan and during training the exercises will always be adapted to your actual condition and mood. After all, anyone may have a good and a less energetic day.

This is the personalized attention you also deserve.
Don’t settle for any less than that!

You said about us

“I’ve worked with several trainers before starting training in Life1 Fitness, but the development was most apparent here. I’ve been able to work out with professionalism, condition assessment and then using personalized program thus I could achieve more than I had set out for myself””

Martin Kis

„I was to try it once a week… Now I come to personal training three times a weekl. This professional attention is impressive, as the personal trainer tailors the programs for us, young people and elderly, strong and those wanting to be strong. The Life1 Fitness became part of my everyday life. I come to be tired, or to rest myself. All together.”

Patrícia Domsa

Personal trainer

Orsolya Erika Bogár

Professional edző

Mónika Csatos

Senior edző

Balázs Csere


Ákos Czinder

Senior edző

Brigitta Godó

Professional edző

István Halasi

Professional edző

Natália Héjja-Jeszenszky

Standard edző

Menyhért Horváth

Professional edző

Benjamin Juhász

Professional edző

Odett Kádár

Professional edző

Hella Kolonics

Senior edző

Péter Kracz

Standard edző

Réka Mészáros

Professional edző

Ágnes Pálffy

Senior edző

Armand Schneider

Senior edző

Nóra Szalontay

Senior edző

Gergely Várallyay

Senior edző

Ádám Zámbó

Senior edző


  • University of Szeged – Recreation organizer and Health promotion
  • Functional Movement Screen I-II.
  • Certified Functional Strength Coach
  • PwrON, Kaatsu specialist

  • IWI Personal trainer
  • IWI Fitness Instructor
  • Functional Movement Screen Level1
  • Certified Functional Strength Coach Level1
  • KRE BTK Master degree in Arts

My qualifications

  • IWI Fitness Instruktor
  • IWI Personal Trainer
  • Functional Movement Screen Level 1
  • Key to Smart Gymnastics level 1
  • Sport rehabilitation Trainer

  • Sports Manager (Hungarian University of Sports Science)
  • Football Coach (Hungarian Football Federation)
  • Mobile number: +36709049009
  • Email address:

  • Babeș-Bolyai University- Faculty of Letters, Hungarian- English Language and Literature
  • International Wellness Institute – Fitness Instructor
  • International Wellness Institute – Personal Trainer
  • Warm-up and a new approach towards mobility training- Powercat Training System
  • Flossing Therapy as a tool of rehabilitation
  • Certified Functional Strength Coach- Level 1

  • when planning a child, preparing for pregnancy;
  • during pregnancy, prepare for childbirth, support healthy weight gain, maintain correct posture;
  • after childbirth, to promote regeneration, to restore pre-pregnancy weight.

  • No generalization: everything is personalized, condition assessments, continuous feedback
  • Gradualness: gradual load according to your current state, but with a goal in front of you
  • Heart rate control: using the right heart rate range for the most efficient work
Whether it is about improving well-being, adjusting body weight, building muscle, or improving general endurance, I keep the above three in all cases. In order to achieve the previously set goal, the focus is of course constant, but we change the method according to your current physical and mental state in order to achieve - I feel good in my own body! - feeling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the introduction of our personal trainers at our reception and on our website. Choose the most sympathetic or who, based on the information provided about him/herself, appears to be the most suitable to help you reach your fitness goals and contact him/her for an appointment!

Please arrive accurately at the arranged time because our trainer may not be able to receive you due to the closeness of the next slot!

The personal training is to be paid for in addition to the daily admittance!

The Senior category includes those personal trainers who have been working with us since 1-3 years, while the Professionals have been doing so since more than 3 years.

Although all of our trainers are professionally qualified and have to fulfill strict criteria, we provide regular updating training for them.
Thus during all years spent at us they acquire immense theoretical and practical professional knowledge.

Write to címre! We reply within 2-3 business days at average.

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