Where do New Year resolutions fail?

New Year resolutions – or goals ended up in smoke.

We often encounter already in the first quarter that although we made our resolutions on our goals related to movement and lifestyle at the end of the previous year, we are too quick to return to our old habits, lifestyle. What could be its reason and what can we do about it?

The chief source of the problem lies in irreal goals.

A majority of people makes resolutions without consistency with regard to both diet and training. For example if the goal is to lise weight, they set out a practically infeasible quantiy, due to which the motivation quickly fades. People are basically inpatient and want everything immediately. If they don’t see the change quickly or anz obstacle arises during the time, they rather leave the project.

In addition, it is a problem that people don’t allocate their time appropriately. They don’t care enough for themselves since other things have priority in this rushing, accelerated world. The everyday life is characterised by overexertion, thus it is difficult to set out on the path leading to healthy life and goals.

In order to keep the New Year resolutions the most important principle should be that of graduality!

It is worth taking small steps towards the goals because achieving smaller goals gives motivation to realize greater ones. Even if the changes are not apparent at once, the enduring work will yield its result. For this, the appropriate professionals, for example personal trainers can provide help.

The trainers of the Life1 Fitness clubs make transformation and development possible within the framework of a well-built system. The first and foremost pillar of the system is the condition assessment. Its objective is to find the “point A” of the visitors, that is, where are they now. Then we map the greatest motivation of the visitor, why he/she wants to change, because this is indispensable for achieving his/her goals. On the way towards the “point B” – that is, the goals – continuous interim back-checks are applied which indicate the achieved results well. We believe in this since for us there is no impossible, just a challenge to be resolved!