Why can’t i build up muscle faster?

Can’t put on the muscle you want to, even though you’re training? What could you do differently? There’s a way to build muscle: find out now how to do it effectively!

The attractive appearance is just the aesthetic addition

Muscle building results not only in attractive appearance but better stamina and more stable endurance. In addition, the exercises done properly during the muscle building trainings have a positive effect on the cardiovascular and nerve system, boost the immune system and quicken the metabolism. All good things await you… if you do it well.

Why can muscle building slow down or stop?

To be stronger and more muscular, it is not only the training you need. You also have to pay attention to your diet for the muscle protein synthesis. But before mistakenly thinking that you need only proteins, let’s stop for a moment: the fat and carbohydrate intake in the right proportions is also an important aspect.

So, if the expected results fail to appear, take a look in the area of calories, then the proteins may be the next. Since the muscles are built up from proteins, then if your goal is body building, you have to pay attention – especially after intensive trainings – to protein intake.

The protein is not everything: you also have to exercise

The muscles have to be worked regular and with high intensity, goodbye to stamina and dumbbell trainings! Unfortunately it is a common mistake to take the training off the schedule or is done too few times or at a low intensity.

For the effective muscle building the high intensity training 2-3 times a week at maximum speed cannot be avoided. However, it is worth paying attention that the overtraining and the too little resting is just as a hindrance as doing too little training. You need the proper quality and quantity of resting and regenerating both physically and mentally.

For example, during sleeping the body ensures to repair the smaller or larger muscle tearings occurred during training to be able to get down to the exercises with renewed energy.

Realistic objectives during muscle building

NEVER fall in to those diets and training plans promising sizeable biceps under 3-6 weeks because the effective muscle building requires much more time than this. Even with muscle building trainings and healthy, proper diet, depending on the individual, at least 3-6 months are required for the first results to appear.