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We\'ve combined water exercise with efficient cycling, so you can now cycle in the water alongside your gymnastics moves!

The Aquabike is securely anchored in the pool. It has 2 non-slip thermal pedals, which can be used barefoot thanks to its ergonomic design.

Water exercise is a pleasant and effective sport for all ages. It has the advantage of exercising all parts of the body without straining the body.

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The movements can be varied and almost any exercise can be easily done.

For many of us, sitting and standing can be associated with varicose veins, which can become painful. Rolling underwater is also very good for this, as well as improving stamina. In addition, water is also good for psychological problems, as it increases the production of the happy hormone and has a calming effect.

Why is cycling in water good for you?

  • It does not strain the joints and the spinal column.
  • It can also be used successfully after long lay-offs and sports injuries.
  • Cycling in water burns twice as much fat in the same amount of time as the same exercise on land.
  • It improves endurance and increases cardiovascular and circulatory system function.
  • Relieves tension and is effective against cellulite.

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