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This mixed training starts with the same warm-up as the BODYART or DEEPWORK training. The soft music of the warm-up is replaced by pulsating rhythm music (deep house) and the work to increase circulation begins, which continues for approximately 15 minutes, then we switch to soft music and start the bodyART training with a transition exercise.


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deepWORK™ is athletic, simple, tough, unique and quite unlike any known programs - a workout of five elements and full of energy! deepWORK™ is a subject of the law of Yin and Yang and combines the mental and physical opposites of a functional training.

BodyART® is suitable for men and women whatever their fitness level is. BodyART® aim is to create harmony between body and mind. It is a training method using exercise from yoga, kinesiotherapy, stretching and pilates combined with breathing techniques and relaxation. Comparing to yoga or pilates BodyART® has more flow and dynamism in the exercise routine.


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