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deepWORK™ is athletic, simple, tough, unique and quite unlike any known programs - a workout of five elements and full of energy!

deepWORK™ is a subject of the law of Yin and Yang and combines the mental and physical opposites of a functional training.

The deepWORK™ movement sequences are designed so that there is always a connection between tension and relaxation combined with breathing exercises.

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The phases of deepWORK™ trainings are structured according to the five elements: earth, wood, fire, metal and water. These in turn are based on different energy sources. After a deepWORK™ unit, the energy of the trainee is completely exhausted.

These techniques are also used in meditation therapy, in so-called dynamic meditations, which have their roots mainly in the Far East and are used in people who suffer mainly from depression, cancer or psychosomatic problems.

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