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The giryafit training is based on the dynamic moving of the body weight.  The efforts of moving the body weight, retaining and recovering the balance develop the stamina, the coordination, the sense of balance, the body posture and have strong fat burning effect. The movements strengthen the spine, the legs, the buttocks, the muscles of the shoulders and arms. The training is suitable both for preservation of health, both for improving stamina.

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The training is based on a lot of traditional workouts and sports, combines the different elements of crossfit, kettlebell, box, body building and skating, but also works with basic movements like push-ups and pull-ups.
The main difference between giryafit and other trainings is that giryafit consists of special exercises. The focus is on combining certain well-known exercises and on the repetition.

The Giryafit workout has been developing by Gábor Fischer based on his sport experiences. He used to be an active sportman in gymnastics, figure skating, hockey, boxing, cycling, running, triathlon, squash, kettlebell and spinning and has been a great trainer. He realized that the exercises are more effective and cause more spectacular results if we combine and repeat them specified times after each other; this way we define and control the intensity and the length of the strong periods and the relaxing exercises.

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