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If you like the intriguing movement and love to feel good, try Kangoo!

The base of Kangoo is a special shoe with strong, spring-loaded straps. Movement is basically sprinkling on these, which can be walking, jumping, or even running. Jumping in these shoes decreases the impact on joints, avoiding injuries of the ankles, knee joints and the spine.

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Kangoo has many beneficial effects on the human body. During the training we burn 40% more calories than other types of trainings. It protects the joints, improves posture, stamina, coordination and conditioning ability and rhythm sensation. It reduces stress, as this training is generating endorphins in our body.

We start by warming up and then learn a choreography from basic steps. These steps are easy to follow, so we recommend it to anyone who wants an intense, spinning exercise. we close the training with stretching.

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