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Improve your health and fitness, learn to dance all in pleasant, friendly surroundings.

Salsa fitness is a dynamic, choreographed fitness workout based on the basic steps the Cuban salsa, merengue, bachata in the Cha-cha-cha, Afro Cuban Rumba and Reggaeton.

The aim is that in addition to the good mood every part of your body, move to consciously shape the hips, waist, arm and leg muscles and improve endurance. We change the step combinations and dynamic Latin music every two weeks.

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Our trainer, Osvaldo:

„Thanks to my Cuban roots, music and dance are a part of my nature. Back home, dance and music are the strongest elements in building character and community, people use them to express their feelings, their optimism. My work is my vocation, through which I aim to perfect a balance of Caribbean attitude, Latin music and dances, as well as European moves and mobility.”

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