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We give a lot of information with our posture. The position of our spine gives away the current and constitutional condition and that how we maintain the mast of our body and the musculature and mobility of the body. As a consequence of the sedentary lifestyle and the prolonged inactivity, neck pains, backache, waist ache, muscle weakness, stooped posture, slanted pelvic position, rigidness, limited range of motion may develop.

During our movements the muscle is under constant load thus it is important to maintain and improve its flexibility. The flexibility of the muscles heavily influences the quality and the performance of our movement. As our age progresses, certain muscles will shorten, while others will extend. The healthy, well-functioning musculature can only be built up with well performed and regular stretching.

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This will be assisted by stretching. This is a special stretching procedure during which the shortened tissues will be extended and the motion range of the joints will be improved. Of course, the wisest thing is to prevent these but the regular spinal exercising can greatly improve the already developed disharmonic conditions. Our spine has dual function: supports the body and provides protection for the spinal cord. On the Spinal exercise + stretching session we work to make the cervical, thoracic, lumbar sections of our spine function healthy, to make our body muscles strong and provide excellent well-being, we re-learn and make the correct posture to be our daily good habit, seek to forget the old, incorrect, unhealthy posture, become aware of the deep layer and superficial muscles of the body which take part in the support, we mobilize, strengthen, stretch - this is the three keywords of the session, the exercises loosen, move the spine, the vertebrae, shoulder joints, we stretch the tired, rigid, shortened muscles, maintain the health and flexibility of our spine, we prevent the development of pains.

The Spinal exercise + stretching session can supplement the already customary weekly training program or it is suitable on its own for the participants to thoroughly move, stretch the muscles along the spine, to improve the flexibility and health the mast of our body.

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