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The uniqueness of this Spinracing class lies in the fact that we can project spectacular ways and landscapes on the wall against the spinner, so the scroll is more exciting, more spectacular, fun.

The class builds up from three different ections: a warm-up section, a section with intervals, and a stretching section. Using a higher resistance to the mountain, we work with low pedal speeds, while reaching a flat or even sloping ground, there is enough resistance, but the pedal speed is also greatly accelerated. Music is edited to the video, so for example, a rhythm of music on a slope is lower. The speed of the music and thus the pedal revolution varies between 60 and 100 BPM.

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Many people also like it because it draws more attention to the projected road section than just how big the load is. There are long runs, fast runs at a fast pace, which of course I prefer to routinely wind down. Anyone is welcomed who likes group feelings, spin, want to increase stamina or overweight.

Our coach takes care of the technique of rolling and improving posture. It is important to be always stable at a given pace or turn. This is the most important when it comes to stopping, but mainly while running.

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