Dynamic Yoga

Lively movements of yoga

Calories Burnt
Up to 500 kcal
50 min
Skill Level
Corvin, Nyugati
Class type
Body&Mind classes
Dynamic Yoga is an ancient practice which brings enormous health benefits. As its name suggests, it is a fluid, lively form of movement that is much less static than traditional yoga. The benefits are huge.It tonifies the internal organs, strengthens the connective tissue, corrects misalignment of the spine, clears stagnation in the meridians, develops good breathing technique, stills the mind and purifies the spirit.

The key aspects of Dyanamic Yoga which make it distinct from pure traditional Vedic forms like hatha yoga, are
  • philosophical, in terms of an emphasis on oriental systems of mind / body understanding and
  • physical, in that the spectrum of moves is broader with a range of dynamic variations in the manner the postures are performed.
Demo video