Kid fitness

Complex training method from the age of 5.

Calories Burnt
Up to 400 kcal
50 min
Skill Level
Class type
Kid fitness

Child Fitness is a complex training method. Combines elements of rhythmic gymnastics with gymnastics, acrobatics and dancing. It can be started at 5 years of age. Moving to music enhances the rhythm of children, resulting in graceful movement.

As a result of the fitness workouts, the little ones retain their flexibility, obtain a good condition, and strengthen their coordination skills and balance.

Recommended clothing:

  • slippers (to go from the dressing room to the aerobic room)
  • trousers + T-shirt
  • socks
  • drink

Apply from 5 years of age.

Further information:

Szilvia Mile

Mile's Fitness TEAM is a professional leader for children's wear

phone: 06 30 381 2888