Nourishment class

Designed to leave you awakened and inspired

Calories Burnt
Up to 60 kcal
50 min
Skill Level
Corvin, Nyugati
Class type
Body&Mind classes

Nourishment classes are joyful and motivating, designed to leave you awakened and inspired.  Expect to receive gentle yet powerful adjustments, connect to your core and engage in your practice in a way that brings greater presence, healing and transformation.

What you can expect when you visit the class:

  • Soothing and relaxing atmosphere
  • Gentle, harmonizing music
  • Uplifting the mind, body and spirit
  • Exercises that tone and strengthen skeletal muscles
  • Learning to calm the mind
  • Enhancing posture through body awareness
  • Releasing stored and blocked emotional energy from the physical body
  • Mental revitalization
  • Restoration of inner peace
  • Relaxation technics that bring you back into balance
  • Energizing breathing practices
  • Attaining physical and mental regeneration
  • Developing self-acceptance
  • Relief from mental stress and anxiety
Demo video