Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register again, if I am already a member of Life1-Gilda Max fitness clubs?

No, you can use the login information you provided on your first visit. If you have changed these, the last change is valid.

Do I have to register if I won't come to the gym in person, and would like to use only the online material?

Yes. You can access videos and your schedule only by logging in to your profile.

I can't log in, why?

  • The most likely cause is a wrong password – you can ask for a new password on the sign-in page!

  • Some of our guests have multiple email accounts, you may have another one as well. If you do, log in with that account or ask for a new password on the login page!

  • Is it possible you haven't visited us for a year? If the answer is yes, please register register again!

  • On some very rare occasions, despite a new password, the login is unsuccessful.
    In this case, please ask for a password change email again and provide a new password with letters of the English alphabet, without special characters!

  • Of course, it's a possibility you've never registered on our site, but you're reading this,
    there is little chance of that. However, this is true for you, please register!

What kind of device should I use to watch the class?

For the best possible experience, a PC with an external speaker.
To further enhance your viewing, >>> CLICK HERE <<< to download the Mindbody Live program.

Where can I find the video library?

You can find >>> HERE <<< after log in.

Can I pay with a bank card?


Can I pay with Pay Pal?

Yes, but this option will end soon.

Can I pay with a bank transfer?


Can I pay in person?

During the period in which we are closed, no. After this, please ask for further information on our reception!

How I will get my receipt?

We will send you a receipt in email, via system as soon as possible.

Can I ask for a company invoice?

No, on our website we only offer services only to private persons.

We'll send you an official invoice for a private person – connected to NAV (National Tax and
Customs Administration) – but we can't provide an invoice for a company, with a tax number online.

If you are an executive or an HR member of a company and would like to provide online
workout possibilities for more than 10 people, please contact us at

I already paid my monthly fee, but I can't access the content. What could be the reason?

If you can't find your pass, please log out and back in once, to make sure you see the present state of
your account. After the second successful login, you should be able to see your purchased services.

You can log in to your profile and check the status of your purchased passes >>> HERE <<< .

If your pass isn't available please make sure your purchase was successful! If your pass doesn't show up after the second login or
you can't access your purchased services with it, please write an e-mail to
We'll reply within 2-3 working days, and you'll receive a refund on your pass for the missed days.

How long are the classes?

They are usually 40-50 minutes long.

How long are uploaded videos are available?

For at least two weeks, after this period the videos can be replaced, which depends on the number of new videos.

Can I rewatch a video multiple times?

Yes, as long as they are available, there is no limit.

Can I download a video?

No, but as long as they are available, you can watch them again as many times you like.

The videos don't launch in the Video library, what can I do?

Please try it with another browser.

We recommend Google Chrome, which you can use on a PC / tablet/smartphone:

If you gave it a try with multiple browsers and it doesn't work, please check if you have a valid pass.

How many workout classes can I join per day?

As much as you'd like. Have a good workout!

My question isn't listed here, what can I do?

Write an email to We'll reply within 2-3 working days.