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Indoor Cycling is a perfect training to improve your fitness level, you can reach a better performance thanks to regular trainings. Besides there are several other benefits of this  training type, some of them we listed below.

Indoor Cycling is recommended for anyone independently from age, fitness level or weight, as the resistance, speed can be controlled, so the proper intensity can be also controlled individually. Burning calories is the result of combined work of different muscle groups: leg muscles, gluteus, abdominal muscles and hands are also involved.

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Comparing to other cardio fitness trainings, Indoor Cycling ensures lower load for the joints: knees,  hip receives less stress, that’s why indoor cycling is also recommended in case of overweight, rehabilitation.

Indoor Cycling is much more than a simple ride on the bike. Participants are motivated by the experienced trainers using the proper combination of training zones, music, group dynamic and certain techniques. All these tools help the participants to achieve their training goals and enjoy their training.

Group classes teachers

Tibor Dr. Molnár


  • lawyer
  • economist
  • SPINNING® Instructor
  • ICG Indoor Cycling Group Instructor
  • Cardio Kick-box trainer
  I am proud that in the last few years I had the chance to motivate many people to make regular sports a part of their lifestyle. I myself practiced team sports and individual training for years, and finally I found the form of training that unites these two schools: that is spinning. In a spinning class, you can follow your individual goals, meanwhile you work in a team, experiencing the development and success on the level of these two dimensions. My classes are characterized by a dynamic training plan and energetic music.

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