About us

The Life1 Fitness story

Life1 Fitness Corvin opened in 2010, in the heart of the new-downtown, on Corvin promenade.

Life1 Fitness Corvin has become one of the most popular and most visited fitnes facilities in Budapest thanks to its wide range of fitness services and the highly qualified professional team. Since its opening the network has expanded with 5 more fitness clubs.

With our team of professional trainers, we build a fitness community of people with similar interests and values; we boost their motivation with more than 40 different group classes and personal training sessions.

What motivates us day by day?

The Life1 Fitness was established to help as many people as possible to prevent health problems resulting from sedentary lifestyle with bodily exercise, to reduce stress and to achieve aesthetic appearance.

We would like to offer support in reducing overweight, increasing muscle mass and in mitigating the health deterioration effects of the sedentary work.

We believe that we create our lives: through sport we can transform our appearance, become healthier and build a positive self-image that gives us strength and confidence in everyday life.

Our goal is that every person doing sedentary work do at least 3×1 hours of exercise optimal for him/her every week.

As well as providing a wide range of exercise for our guests, we aim to be a place for an energetic, vibrant community to live their daily lives. Regular exercise and a cheerful team fill you with positive energy; Life1 Fitness brings life to everyday life!

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