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What is a sauna program?

The Sauna Program is a 15-17 minute sauna season conducted by a qualified Sauna Master, during which the Master gradually disseminates a mixture of water or a mixture of essential oils and other fragrances on the stove, and increases the humidity with a towel / banner, directly on the guests.

Why is it better than a private sauna?

  • The sauna program is intensified by ventilation and humidity, and on the other hand, it is more exciting to experience, not only because of its recreational but entertaining nature.
  • The sauna program is more able to move the relaxation and the the inner calmness than the individual saunas due to the use of ethereal scents or creams, scrubs, wraps, and the aforementioned experience.
  • The sauna program is run by a healthy sauna expert so guests can find useful information about healthy soaps that are often overwhelmed by enthusiasm and sauna culture.

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What do you need to know about sauna programs?

  • Sauna programs are based on a well structured structure and choreography, so it is not possible to enter the program after the beginning of it, because it would not be a complete process from various health aspects (eg, it can not be started with the most intense phase because it is heavy), while of course you can leave the sauna at any time.
  • In the sauna you can not go with a slipper, bring a bottle, sack, and food according to the rules of healthy sauna.
  • Bathrobe usage is permitted if the guest respects the policy of the place (towel / bed use in a sauna covered with body, shower only in the locker room).
  • Before sauna programs, it is necessary to leave the sauna for effective ventilation, entering  is possible at the beginning of the program.
  • The ideal number of sauna programs from health point of view: 3-4 / day, max. 2X-3X per week.

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